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20W Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine


    The 21st century is a new epoch that all fileds emphasizes efficiency. Efficiency of life, work, production and so on. For this tendency, more and more companies require higher and higher requirements for efficiency. When it comes to efficiency, we would share you laser technology, 20W standars fiber laser marking machine and other equipment have slowly entered the lives for all people to support high-tech products. The advantages of laser processing are more obvious. You know it is the best choice for replacing traditional techknowladge. 


20W Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The electro-optical conversion of the machine is with high efficiency; and the machine is with air cooling.The marking machine is compact but is with high reliability and can output light beam of high quality. It is made from metallic material which can be carved and some non-metallic material. Integral structures are adopted. And there are not optical pollution and power losses. The machine is with high efficiency, long using period and it does not need to maintain frequently.
Jgh 101 Fiber Laser Marking Machine


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